Loudspeakers as original as they are musical, created by an audio professional who totally masters the technical aspects but who also has an ear for music, and this is verified from the first measures of music diffused by these superb creations!

François H.

I own a pair of loudspeakers made by Recital Audio and I am very satisfied with them: associated with English electronics, they produce a beautiful sound, but without coloration and do not generate any hearing fatigue. The design, with a high quality leather finish, is also very successful. In short, a product of confidential distribution, handcrafted made in France, and of exceptional quality, for a reasonable price.

Laurent F.


I have really gone to another world

These two-way speakers are amazing

The sound quality is superb,

After the davis I don’t regret

Frankly, and especially at this price that happiness

Too bad the 3 lanes were not available

With pleasure


Stéphane S.

Hello Alexandre.

I spent my afternoon doing listening tests and the Yamaha pc2602m gave me the best results.

I connected it with an Eastern electric Minimax tube preamp that my twin brother had recommended.

A preamp wired in the air of a Chinese manufacture of excellent invoice. It can be found around 500,600 euros but it is rare and sought after. . .

I’ll keep an eye out, if I see an interesting opportunity, I’ll let you know!…

Thank you again for your welcome. I am delighted with my new speakers.

Kind regards.


Christophe M.

I was afraid the lady wouldn’t like the color but it turned out great! They fit perfectly in our living room and the sound difference is obvious.

Thank you and good luck…

Cyril B.

Good evening

I just listened to the Define and they live up to all their promises, nothing to do with the Davis, it’s really another world.



Jean-Claude Z.


Everything is going very well with the new speakers. We appreciate the quality of the sound which is much better than with our DAVIS Matisse.

Yours sincerely,

Cécile and Didier.

Didier D.

Hello Alexandre,

I had, of course, planned to give you a feedback after receiving the DEFINE which traveled perfectly well and arrived at the destination without a scratch. I would like to thank you for the protection, they were perfectly safe in their respective boxes.

These are my first impressions after a week of daily and attentive listening (in the evening after work). The DEFINE are very contained in size. It’s amazing even after seeing them X times on the web 🙂

And the sound that comes out is not at all related to their size! You have done a great job! My equipment is modest but I take great pleasure in listening to my CDs + dematerialization. I discover my CDs again. Those well recorded are sublimated and those with an average or bad recording go very badly…

The DEFINE perfectly reproduce the tracks without adding anything! Listening to a viola da gamba is a pleasure and I weigh my words! They go down low, very low even to the point that I catch myself (and several times) smiling on this or that passage.

So of course you can find better, of course, but at what price? Your DEFINE HEFA is an unbeatable value for money! Now they have to “break in” quietly ????

For information, my Hi-fi system is composed of a Nuprime CDT 8 PRO drive connected to the Audiomat TEMPO 2.8 dac with network option in AES-EBU + ATOLL IN 200 SE amp connected to the speakers by the HI-FI CÂBLES & Cie PURETRANS.

I take my hat off to you and thank you for your creation.

See you soon Roger.

Roger P.

The speakers have arrived

Delighted with my 1st listening, the bass is impressive!

Yours sincerely.

Thierry G.

Good evening,

A little return as promised.

The speakers arrived in good condition.

After pushing the Klipschs into a corner, I plugged them into my AD18 to check that the 2 speakers had their crossovers in place (joke). As far as listening is concerned, there are obviously differences that jump out at you:

In favor of the Klipsch RF7, the dynamics, the bass level, the physical impact at high level. In favor of the Define: …. everything else! That is to say, linearity, transparency and respect of the timbres that goes with it. I find them much more musical in the end, even if the RF7s can be fun in a gruff mode.

I was also surprised by the quality of the low register of the Define, its impact and its articulation especially considering the 16cm speaker. In normal listening, it is quite sufficient and even beyond moderate listening. I wonder if there is a break-in period and if I should expect more levels in the coming weeks.

It remains to refine the placement. For the moment, I listen to them pretty much spread out and in my room and I think it’s pretty good like that, and with a different amplification. I have a tube consonance amp on the side. The AD18 allows a very correct level before starting to become rough, but there are surely finer in tone. Do you have a recommendation for a particular amp on your end?

As you can see, it is obvious that the Define will stay at home!

Have a nice evening.


Frederic A.