The vibrations of a musical instrument form a unique sound signature; its timbre. To respect it, the loudspeaker must not add any other signature than the original one. That’s why the Recital-Audio cabinetry is designed to be free of resonance and vibration.

The wooden frame

The Recital cabinetry is made of thick MDF panels. All machining is done by numerical control, guaranteeing a perfect precision of the final assembly. For high body rigidity, the bonding surfaces are increased by means of 45° cut-outs. Transverse reinforcements, correctly placed, complete this rigidity preventing the body from vibrating and resonating.

Acoustic load

The speakers have very narrow load profiles. Combined with their bracing and transverse plates and a low frequency transition between the woofer and tweeter, they ensure sufficiently short wavelengths to avoid resonance (standing waves) inside the enclosure. Therefore, a small amount of damping material can be used with the advantage of reducing efficiency losses, especially in the low register.


The Define and Illumine loudspeaker stands have slots for height-adjustable decoupling spikes (standard M6 screw pitch). Thus, depending on the nature and surface condition of the floor, it is possible to decouple the enclosure from a floor, for example, or to compensate for any unevenness in the floor. The Recital Air (and Icone) loudspeaker has machined solid aluminum pucks that are adjustable in height. Felt pads under the pucks provide both ground protection and decoupling.