Recital-Audio develops and manufactures in France, high-end loudspeakers for music lovers looking for a totally transparent sound.

More than a brand, Recital embodies the birth of the modern, innovative and accessible French high-end loudspeaker.

Equipped with a unique technology, which combines rigid membrane loudspeakers with intelligent audio signal processing, Recital loudspeakers mark the end of sound signature.

In addition to their beauty, what characterises a Recital loudspeaker is the music, nothing more, nothing less…

Often, manufacturers try to reproduce a particular sound. But we think, the reference is what we hear in real life.

Moreover, from the design phase up to final quality control, all stages of design and assembly are carried out in France. Our loudspeakers thus benefit from a durable and exemplary top-of-the-range finish.

Outstanding filters and components

Our loudspeakers are all equipped with Pure-Motion crossover technology; this crossover technique allows the loudspeakers to maintain a healthy mechanical “piston” behaviour, thus preserving the purity of the signal in order to transmit the music with absolute transparency.

The implementation of Pure-Motion crossover technology would not have been possible with basic components. This innovative technique requires loudspeakers to be equipped with extremely rigid membranes, driven by a specific passive filter.

To implement this crossover with the greatest efficiency, we use only top-of-the-range inductors, capacitors and resistors, carefully selected from the best in the market.

These exceptional components are the final touch to a development at its best.

HEFA direct sales

The best loudspeaker
at the best price

For the HEFA serie Recital-Audio offers direct sales. No middleman. This keeps the prices low for very sophisticated speakers.

Direct sales,
direct contact

We are the ones developping and assembling your speakers. We know them better than nobody, this allow us to assist you in whatever way you need.

5 years warranty
30 days to try

This is our 100% quality promise ! We check that each speaker meets our strict quality requirements before shipping them. You will be the judge !

promises of musicality

Our more than 10 years of experience characterise our speakers always at the service of musicality. For the HEFA serie we use the best possible techniques.

The direct sale of the HEFA (High End For All) range allows to have truly high-end speakers without commercial intermediaries…

What you pay in direct sales

Traditional sales network

Components origin





06 86 42 03 30

A small gesture…

Receive a 35€ refund if you return the plastic parts of your loudspeaker packaging.

  • foam wedges
  • polyethylene protection
  • Other plastics

Just put all the plastic parts in one of the bags that covered your speakers and send it to us.