With a sweet visual presence, Define reproduces the musical work in very high definition. Extremely linear and generating high fidelity sound in all registers, Define transmits all the material of the music with disconcerting ease.

CONFIGURATION 2 ways, bass-reflex
MID/WOOFER Long throw, emissive area : 104cm²(a)
TWEETER Diameter : 26mm
CROSSOVER 6-6dB/oct 1500Hz
BANDWIDTH 30Hz – 25kHz (-3dB)
WEIGHT 38.5kg (pair)
DIMENSIONS 1057x164x290mm (base 200x298mm)
FINISH US walnut, white mat, narural oak

(a)The basket (15cm) of the mid-woofer has a narrow peripheral ring, which is why its diaphragm has about 30% more emissive surface than a conventional 15cm, so that the loudspeaker used can be considered as a 16cm in terms of its emissive surface.


Medium bass driver/woofer

Woofer with stiff, yet light aluminum cone and low loss rubber surround. Huge magnet and motor with very long mechanical throw. Ideal “pure piston” cone behaviour over the entire useful bandwidth of the mid/woofer.

High range speaker/tweeter

27mm ferrofluidic dome tweeter made of aluminium/magnesium alloy. Exemplary linearity in the entire audible frequency range. Very low directivity even above 10 kHz.

  • Diameter: 15cm
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Emissive surface : 104cm²
  • Weight : 1.8kg
  • Magnet diameter : 110mm
  • Moving coil : 39mm
  • Origin SEAS
  • Dome diameter : 26mm
  • Material : Aluminium/Magnesium
  • Emissive surface : 7.5cm²
  • Weight : 0.5kg
  • Magnet diameter : 73mm
  • Moving coil : 26mm
  • Origin SEAS


18mm wood frame

Its reinforced 18mm thick high density wooden structure offers Define a totally inert cabinet.

Density 790kg/m3
Bending strength 36N/mm²
Wood thickness 18mm
Dimensions 1057x164x290mm (base 200x298mm)
Weight 18kg/unit
Cross reinforcements 2
Finish US walnut, white mat, narural oak


US walnut – White mat – Natural oak


Non minimalistic filter 6dB/oct

Define is equipped with a 6dB/octave crossoverspecially optimised for rigid diaphragm loudspeakers. Each crossover has not 3, but no less than 13 high quality components for optimal 6dB/oct filtering.

  • Capacitors film Jantzen Audio
  • Inductor air 2.8mm², 1kg
  • Resistor MOX ceramic

An amplifier for Define ?

Digital class D and FDA

With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms with a minimum of 7 ohms, Define is 100% compatible with Class D and FDA digital amplifiers.

  • Recommended power range: 50W to 250W RMS into 8 ohms

Class A/AB transistor

Easy to power, Define can be combined with a very wide range of integrated amplifiers or power blocks.

  • Recommended power range: 30W to 250W RMS into 8 ohms

Class A/AB tube

Easy to power and of classic sensitivity, Define will go perfectly with a tube amplifier, even at low power.

  • Recommended power range: 20W to 100W RMS into 8 ohms

Test benches

Expert’s corner

Acoustic and electrical measurements

On-axis measurement at mid-height between woofer and tweeter
Distance = 50cm
Window = 250Hz

Average of 0°, 15° and 30° measurements at mid-woofer / tweeter height
Distance = 1m
Window = yes

Measurements from the axis, up to 90°
Steps 7,5°
Distance = 50cm
Window = 250Hz

Measurements from the axis, up to 90°
Steps 7,5°
Distance = 50cm