Fine and tight, Illumine fills sonically the living space with natural elegance. At home, as well on intimist chamber music as on big telluric sounding orchestrations, Illumine gives a sense of serenity usually acquired on much bigger speakers.

CONFIGURATION 2.5 ways, bass-reflex
MID/WOOFER Long throw, emissive area : 104cm²(a)
WOOFER Long throw, emissive area : 104cm²(a)
TWEETER Diameter : 26mm
CROSSOVER 12-12-24dB/oct 280Hz and 1600Hz
NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 8ohms (1kHz) _ 4ohms (IEC 60268-5)
BANDWIDTH 30Hz – 25kHz (-3dB)
WEIGHT 51kg (pair)
DIMENSIONS 1190x164x330mm (base 200x338mm)
FINISH US walnut, white mat, natural oak

(a)The basket (15cm) of the mid-woofer has a narrow peripheral ring, which is why its diaphragm has about 30% more emissive surface than a conventional 15cm, so that the loudspeaker used can be considered as a 16cm in terms of its emissive surface.


Medium bass driver/woofer

Two rigid and lightweight aluminum cone woofers sharing the same acoustic load in W-WM configuration. Huge magnet and motor with very long mechanical throw. Ideal behavior of the “pure piston” cone over the entire useful bandwidth of the drivers.

High range speaker/tweeter

High definition 27mm aluminum/magnesium alloy dome tweeter. Equipped with a DXT (Diffraction Expansion Technology) waveguide, this tweeter offers better directivity control in the upper midrange, as well as reduced directivity in the higher frequencies.

  • Diameter: 15cm
  • Material : Aluminium
  • Emissive surface : 104cm²
  • Weight : 1.8kg
  • Magnet diameter : 110mm
  • Moving coil : 39mm
  • Origin SEAS
  • Dome diameter : 26mm
  • Material : Aluminium/Magnesium
  • Emissive surface : 7.5cm²
  • Weight : 0.64kg
  • Magnet diameter : 73mm
  • Moving coil : 26mm
  • Origin SEAS


18mm wood frame

Its reinforced 18mm thick high density wooden structure offers Illumine a totally inert cabinet.

Density 790kg/m3
Bending strength 36N/mm²
Wood thickness 18mm
Dimensions 1190x164x330mm (base 200x338mm)
Weight 25.5kg/unit
Cross reinforcements 4
Finish US Walnut, white mat, natural oak


US walnut – White mat – Natural oak


Filter 12-12-24dB/oct

Illumine has a filter optimized for a 2.5 ways configuration. The tweeter benefits from a 24dB/oct filter cell allowing it to absorb high power despite a very low cut-off frequency. Each filter has 13 high quality components.

  • Capacitors film Jantzen Audio
  • Inductor woofer/medium air 1.5mm²
  • Inductor woofer SMC core 1.1mm²
  • Resistor MOX ceramic

An amplifier for Illumine ?

Digital class D and FDA

With a nominal impedance of 8ohms (1kHz) with a minimum of 3.2ohms (150Hz), Illumine is 100% compatible with Class D and FDA digital amplifiers.

  • Recommended power range: 30W to 250W RMS into 8 ohms

Class A/AB transistor

Powerful but not demanding, Illumine can be associated with a very wide range of integrated amplifiers or power blocks.

  • Recommended power range: 30W to 250W RMS into 8 ohms

Class A/AB tube

Easy to power and with good sensitivity, Illumine will go perfectly with a tube amplifier, even at low power.

  • Recommended power range: 10W to 100W RMS into 8 ohms

Test benches

Expert’s corner

Acoustic and electrical measurements

Axis measurement
Distance = 1m20
Window = 250Hz

Average measurements 0°, 15° et 30°
Distance = 1m20
Window = yes

Measurements from the axis, up to 90°
Steps 7,5°
Distance = 1m20
Window = 250Hz

Measurements from the axis, up to 90°
Steps 7,5°
Distance = 50cm