Hello Mr. Chamagne,
I would like to inform you that I received my speakers this Thursday.
Thank you for the speed and quality of your shipment.

After reception, unpacking and connection I am delighted with my first listening on different types of music.
However, I find a big flaw in them.
They tend to push me to a higher volume.
Living in an apartment, this could cause me problems with my neighbors 🙂

Thank you for your creation.

These beautiful Alsatians are definitely adopted in the south. Sincerely.
Gilbert Barrère.

Gilbert B.


It’s been a little over three months since your Illumine HEFA took up residence in my living room. I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to buy speakers without listening to them first. But 30 days of trial at home, are finally much more effective than one hour of listening in auditorium to make an opinion…

After a few hundred hours of listening, here is my verdict: I keep them! These speakers sound great, they don’t try to cheat and they play all kinds of music perfectly. Another quality, thin and elegant, they are not too difficult to place in a furnished room.

Very beautiful speakers, designed and manufactured in France, created by a passionate person (because you must be, it’s obvious), which reproduce the sound with transparency and fidelity and sold at a more than competitive price… You set the bar really high and the Illumine probably have no real competition in this price range, maybe that’s the HEFA ?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discover them, congratulations for these beautiful objects that sing so well and long life to Recital-Audio…



Olivier F.

I received the Define, the transport went well, no bad surprises.
For the moment I run them with my SMSL AD18 and I am surprised that they work so well with this small amp.
I am looking forward to the delivery of my Boxem Arthur 3409/N2 which will go with my RME ADI 2 DAC to be able to exploit all their potential.
Thank you very much for the quality of your work.
Sincerely, Anthony

Anthony D.

Incredible speaker with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. Everything is in place, the timbres, the spatialization…. I was able to compare with speakers, currently popular, which cost three times as much and the difference in terms of accuracy on a demanding piece (Too Much by Sufjan Steven) is obvious. Thank you to Mr. Chamagne for allowing the greatest number of people to access the world of audiophily with a financially accessible speaker..

Denis-Gabriel G.

Good evening Alexandre,
Thank you very much for your email.
The speakers are incredible, a real treat for the ears. In short, perfection!
Thank you and congratulations for designing this great product!
Nice evening to you

David L.

Hello Alexandre,
Three years after acquiring my wonderful pair of Illumine speakers, I wanted to give you a little feedback, to tell you how beautifully they have integrated into their environment, how great their symbiosis with their audio family (Atoll) is, and how much their musicality delights me day after day.
I remember how long it took before I decided to buy one, at a time when changing my antediluvian hi-fi system was a major challenge.
Not a single day goes by without me congratulating myself on the choice, and how much I still appreciate your work.
Thanks again, and I’ll keep an eye on your range and its evolution!
I also became a convinced prescriber of the Recital range.
Kind regards,

Eric D.

The latest speakers from Recital Audio are here! With the new Define speakers, your favorite songs take on a whole new dimension.A punchy bass, a perfectly balanced midrange (practical for film dialogues), and a high quality! No sound distortion or saturation thanks to the beautiful aluminum membranes.Handcrafted, impeccable finish for a price more than attractive in the HIFI.Do not wait any longer, it’s over there that it happens.

Franck L.