Hello Alexandre,

I had, of course, planned to give you a feedback after receiving the DEFINE which traveled perfectly well and arrived at the destination without a scratch. I would like to thank you for the protection, they were perfectly safe in their respective boxes.

These are my first impressions after a week of daily and attentive listening (in the evening after work). The DEFINE are very contained in size. It’s amazing even after seeing them X times on the web 🙂

And the sound that comes out is not at all related to their size! You have done a great job! My equipment is modest but I take great pleasure in listening to my CDs + dematerialization. I discover my CDs again. Those well recorded are sublimated and those with an average or bad recording go very badly…

The DEFINE perfectly reproduce the tracks without adding anything! Listening to a viola da gamba is a pleasure and I weigh my words! They go down low, very low even to the point that I catch myself (and several times) smiling on this or that passage.

So of course you can find better, of course, but at what price? Your DEFINE HEFA is an unbeatable value for money! Now they have to “break in” quietly ????

For information, my Hi-fi system is composed of a Nuprime CDT 8 PRO drive connected to the Audiomat TEMPO 2.8 dac with network option in AES-EBU + ATOLL IN 200 SE amp connected to the speakers by the HI-FI CĂ‚BLES & Cie PURETRANS.

I take my hat off to you and thank you for your creation.

See you soon Roger.