Communication with Alexandre at the top, sending and receiving the speakers in less than a week. What about this pair of Mutine HEFA Ex, they are very pleasant to watch and listen to. Everything is in place, they are neutral and largely fill the living room of my apartment which is 35m² coupled with a Hegel H120 amp.

After having Monitor Audio columns and Dynaudio libraries, I believe I have found the sound that suits me. Note for people in apartments that these Mutines make you really want to crank up the sound ever higher because they are not aggressive in any register. You just have to get along well with your neighbors…


Antoine P.

Dear Sir,

These speakers have found their place in a space of 15 square meters. They transmit a very beautiful sound reproduction both in the bass and the treble.

A lot of musicality, I am fully satisfied with my purchase.

Bravo for this demanding work.



Bernard K.


Bought on September 22, the DEFINE found their place in my 20m2 dedicated, 3m high ceiling and as said, here is a brief return. With the REGA Elex-r, it’s the perfect match, enough power for the DEFINE despite their 85db output. And my first impressions of listening to Gambrinus Street are confirmed: they sublimate all types of music. In 3 weeks, they seem to have improved, and are able to take a back seat to the sound stage. A compendium of qualities!
Thanks to you, and I look forward to seeing you again, when I have a chance to listen.

Marc S.

Marc S.


What more can I say than all the good that has already been said about you and your speakers, that this is the pure truth, indeed, I will add only one thing.

You’ve dreamed about it, RECITAL-AUDIO has done it; you need high-end speakers, at this price, DO IT…

Kind regards

Patrick C.

Patrick C.

Hello Mr. Chamagne,
I just received Define, perfectly packaged.
With a very sober size and a perfectly neat finish, they quickly found their place in my living room.
Listening to Define is simply breathtaking. The precision of the high notes gives the impression of having the orchestra or the people in front of you, it is amazing!
The bass hits very hard, it’s incredible. But what a power !
It’s a chance to have known you because you allow me to listen to prestigious HIFI speakers, rather elitist, combined with an extremely competitive price!
Thank you very much, I will recommend you to others!

Guillaume S.

Thank you Mr. Chamagne!

These superb Define, coupled with an Audiomat tube amp, sound majestic on the right recordings; they have replaced a pair of columns three times more expensive without regret! Very accurate and detailed, punchy bass, natural ventilation without holographic effect. Finishing of high level, they miss only a cover for the bass speaker, it would be a plus. Do not trust the relatively low output, my 30 watt amp feeds them without any difficulty; in short, to date, only happiness! In my modest apartment room, I decoupled them with Superspike tips, it’s really a plus.

Bernard B.

Hello Mr. Chamagne,

I insist on the Mr. because I received the define at home this Monday, August 30 and I must say that I literally fell in love from the first listening.

I do not have the technical and audiophile terms to retransmit to you all that I feel with the listening of these Define but I take a real pleasure to the listening.

The small HEED Elixir without comes out very well and drives the Define as it should in my 25m square.

I close my eyes and I have the impression that the musical scene is in front of me, I catch myself turning around on certain recordings thinking that the sound comes from another room in the house.

I would like to thank you and will leave a comment in the near future.

While I’m at it, the white finish is really beautiful and the pictures on your site don’t give glory to this finish. The rendering in real life is really much better than on the pictures, but it is often the case for other things.

Thanks again and have a great day.

Jean-Philippe V.

Good evening Alexandre, Just a mail to say that my wife and I take such pleasure in listening to music with your Illumines, even though we don’t have the same musical tastes. I think I’ve reached a level I wouldn’t have dared to hope for without a really big budget. While the Illumines still stand on their base, without spikes. Honestly I don’t see why I would change them and would rather upgrade the amp and/or the sources (unless you come out with a new model that you will put at a higher level). Have a good weekend, Pascal.

Pascal H.

Hello Mr Chamagne,

It’s already been 6 months since I bought a pair of Recital Illumine and I can tell you that they brighten up my music listening.
I am an amateur audiophile with more than limited technical skills and my only ability to judge the quality of my speakers are my ears.
Associated with an Atoll set (MS120, CD100 Signature and IN100SE integrated amp) the Illumines sound so good that I don’t feel any hearing fatigue even after hours of listening to jazz, classical and blues music mainly.

Concerning the quality of the sound, it leaves my loudspeakers an ample and balanced sound image, a neutral tint, a great transparency and precision in a general way, astonishing low registers of a beautiful depth and very well controlled, a soft medium, precise and there also controlled highs…. simply pleasure.
Resting on a glued wood floor, I brought them a little more with decoupling studs (SSC Nepoint MKII) which have significantly improved the sound stage and the quality of bass. In addition to this pleasure is the pleasure of supporting a small French company.

Thanks to you.


Patrice S.


A little return on the Mutine. Aesthetically, they are really very successful, very elegant, the walnut veneer blends easily into the decor. They are associated with a preamp Advance Paris PX1 + Boxem Arthur 3409.I am very surprised by the quality of the result, the level of bass for such small speakers is really impressive, the low-midrange and high-midrange are extremely detailed and precise. The only small drawback is that the highs can be slightly scrambled on some recordings (but are never aggressive), but I wonder if this does not come from the quality of the recordings in question…
In any case, very satisfied with my acquisition, these speakers are really bluffing considering their volume, their listening is not tiring, the quality / price ratio is excellent. A small question: how do I attach them to the Norstone feet? double-sided tape, patafix etc? What is the impact on plating?


Alain C.