Hello Mr Chamagne,

It’s already been 6 months since I bought a pair of Recital Illumine and I can tell you that they brighten up my music listening.
I am an amateur audiophile with more than limited technical skills and my only ability to judge the quality of my speakers are my ears.
Associated with an Atoll set (MS120, CD100 Signature and IN100SE integrated amp) the Illumines sound so good that I don’t feel any hearing fatigue even after hours of listening to jazz, classical and blues music mainly.

Concerning the quality of the sound, it leaves my loudspeakers an ample and balanced sound image, a neutral tint, a great transparency and precision in a general way, astonishing low registers of a beautiful depth and very well controlled, a soft medium, precise and there also controlled highs…. simply pleasure.
Resting on a glued wood floor, I brought them a little more with decoupling studs (SSC Nepoint MKII) which have significantly improved the sound stage and the quality of bass. In addition to this pleasure is the pleasure of supporting a small French company.

Thanks to you.