It’s been a little over three months since your Illumine HEFA took up residence in my living room. I have to admit that I was a bit reluctant to buy speakers without listening to them first. But 30 days of trial at home, are finally much more effective than one hour of listening in auditorium to make an opinion…

After a few hundred hours of listening, here is my verdict: I keep them! These speakers sound great, they don’t try to cheat and they play all kinds of music perfectly. Another quality, thin and elegant, they are not too difficult to place in a furnished room.

Very beautiful speakers, designed and manufactured in France, created by a passionate person (because you must be, it’s obvious), which reproduce the sound with transparency and fidelity and sold at a more than competitive price… You set the bar really high and the Illumine probably have no real competition in this price range, maybe that’s the HEFA ?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discover them, congratulations for these beautiful objects that sing so well and long life to Recital-Audio…