Sorry, I wanted to confirm the receipt of the speakers earlier, but I had a long and busy week at work.
So I can confirm that everything went well, the boxes were intact and the speakers in perfect condition.

This is actually my first experience with quality listening equipment, and I have no audiophile experience, nor the vocabulary associated with it.
I simply have for 2 months a pair of “cheap” columns with integrated amp (Tangent X6 BT) which gave me relative satisfaction. So that’s my only point of comparison.

My quest was mainly based on the fact that my previous speakers, although relatively balanced and rather musical, clearly lacked precision and dynamism at low volume. For information, I associated the Define with a Hegel H80 MK2.

So my first impressions:

First, they are simply beautiful and exude quality.

My first sensation was to have removed a veil on my sheet. Everything is more clear, direct and detailed.
The different instruments and voices can be distinguished with incredible clarity. The separation of the different “musical layers” is impressive.
However, the soundstage seems to have widened and the listening takes a lot of space.
The bass is fantastically deep and dry. They are present when and how they should be, and are never aggressive or tiring.

In short, I am completely thrilled with these speakers, it is exactly what I was hoping for. Everything seems in its place, fine and balanced. They bring precisely the precision and the dynamism which missed for my listening to moderate volume.

A big thank you to you!