Hello Alexandre,

My new system is now plugged in and I thought I’d give you a little feedback…

The system is “simple”, consisting of a network player dac amp Atoll SDA 200 signature, Atlas cables hyper 2.0 and therefore the Define. The music is currently played on Deezer Hi-Fi in FLAC format.

The whole thing is freshly unpacked and it is likely that it will be like good wine: even better in some time?

So, I am quite bluffed by the overall coherence, the clean and clear low frequencies, even at the (very) low end of the spectrum (what a feat for an L-shaped volume and a diameter like this one!), the detailed, airy, precise but not aggressive nor cold high frequencies, and a well articulated, pleasant midrange.

Great set and great speakers so. I am rediscovering songs that are well imprinted in my memory, especially on the bass/percussion and vocal lines!

It’s the first time I buy speakers without listening to them first! But some people I know on hi-fi forums had not stopped praising your speakers…so I took the risk.

And also proud to buy French 😉

So bravo and thank you, I’ll advertise you!

Yours sincerely,