A little return on the Mutine. Aesthetically, they are really very successful, very elegant, the walnut veneer blends easily into the decor. They are associated with a preamp Advance Paris PX1 + Boxem Arthur 3409.I am very surprised by the quality of the result, the level of bass for such small speakers is really impressive, the low-midrange and high-midrange are extremely detailed and precise. The only small drawback is that the highs can be slightly scrambled on some recordings (but are never aggressive), but I wonder if this does not come from the quality of the recordings in question…
In any case, very satisfied with my acquisition, these speakers are really bluffing considering their volume, their listening is not tiring, the quality / price ratio is excellent. A small question: how do I attach them to the Norstone feet? double-sided tape, patafix etc? What is the impact on plating?