With its humble bookshelf size speaker, Mutine surprises by its presence and its great musicality. Loyal to the sound recording, Mutine offers a listening without colorations and reproduces the music with fidelity and definition.

CONFIGURATION 2 ways, bass-reflex
MID/WOOFER Long travel, emissive surface: 75cm².
TWEETER Diameter: 19mm with wide suspensions
CROSSOVER 12-12dB/oct 1250Hz
BANDWIDTH 55Hz – 30kHz (-3dB)
WEIGHT 14.5kg (pair)
DIMENSIONS 290x164x290mm (without stand)
FINISH US walnut, white mat, natural oak


Medium bass driver/woofer

Extremely rigid aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragm woofer. Imposing long travel engine. Ideal behavior of the cone “as a pure piston” over the entire useful bandwidth.

High range speaker/tweeter

19mm ferrofluidic dome tweeter made of aluminum/magnesium alloy with characteristics similar to a 26mm dome but with a better dispersion in the high frequencies, up to 30kHz.

  • Diameter: 15cm
  • Material: Aluminium/magnesium
  • Emissive surface: 75cm²
  • Weight: 1.35kg
  • Motor diameter: 90mm
  • Moving coil : 26mm
  • Origin SEAS
  • Dome diameter : 19.5mm
  • Material : Aluminium/Magnesium
  • Emissive surface : 5.9cm².
  • Weight : 0.5kG
  • Magnet diameter : 73mm
  • Moving coil : 19.5mm
  • Origin SEAS


18mm wood frame

Its reinforced 18mm high density wood structure offers Mutine a totally inert cabinetry.

Density 790kg/m3
Bending strength 36N/mm²
Wood thickness 18mm
Dimensions 290x164x290mm
Weight 7.5kg/unit
Cross reinforcements 1
Finish US Walnut, white mat, natural oak


Matte white & American walnut


Filter 12-12dB/oct

Mutine HEFA Ex is equipped with a 12dB/oct type crossover with low cut-off frequency specially adapted for rigid diaphragm loudspeakers.

  • Capacitors film Jantzen Audio
  • Air inductor
  • Resistor MOX ceramic
  • Acoustic cut-off 1250Hz
  • 1600Hz power outage

An amplifier for Mutine?

Digital class D and FDA

With a nominal impedance of 8ohms and a minimum of 6ohms, Mutine is 100% compatible with class D and FDA digital amplifiers.

  • Recommended power range: 50W to 250W RMS into 8 ohms

Class A/AB transistor

Easy to power, Mutine can be associated with a very large range of integrated amplifiers or power blocks.

  • Recommended power range: 30W to 250W RMS into 8 ohms

Class A/AB tube

Easy to power and with a classic sensitivity, Mutine will be perfectly associated with a tube amplifier even of low power.

  • Recommended power range: 20W to 100W RMS into 8 ohms

Test benches

Expert’s corner

Acoustic and electrical measurements

On-axis measurement at mid-height between woofer and tweeter
Distance = 50cm
Window = 250Hz

Coming soon

Average of 0°, 15° and 30° measurements at mid-woofer / tweeter height
Distance = 1m
Window = yes

Measurements from the axis, up to 90°
Steps 7,5°
Distance = 50cm
Window = 250Hz

Measurements from the axis, up to 90°
Steps 7,5°
Distance = 50cm

Coming soon