Dear Sir,

These speakers have found their place in a space of 15 square meters. They transmit a very beautiful sound reproduction both in the bass and the treble.

A lot of musicality, I am fully satisfied with my purchase.

Bravo for this demanding work.



Bernard K.


Bought on September 22, the DEFINE found their place in my 20m2 dedicated, 3m high ceiling and as said, here is a brief return. With the REGA Elex-r, it’s the perfect match, enough power for the DEFINE despite their 85db output. And my first impressions of listening to Gambrinus Street are confirmed: they sublimate all types of music. In 3 weeks, they seem to have improved, and are able to take a back seat to the sound stage. A compendium of qualities!
Thanks to you, and I look forward to seeing you again, when I have a chance to listen.

Marc S.

Marc S.

Hello Mr. Chamagne,
I just received Define, perfectly packaged.
With a very sober size and a perfectly neat finish, they quickly found their place in my living room.
Listening to Define is simply breathtaking. The precision of the high notes gives the impression of having the orchestra or the people in front of you, it is amazing!
The bass hits very hard, it’s incredible. But what a power !
It’s a chance to have known you because you allow me to listen to prestigious HIFI speakers, rather elitist, combined with an extremely competitive price!
Thank you very much, I will recommend you to others!

Guillaume S.

Thank you Mr. Chamagne!

These superb Define, coupled with an Audiomat tube amp, sound majestic on the right recordings; they have replaced a pair of columns three times more expensive without regret! Very accurate and detailed, punchy bass, natural ventilation without holographic effect. Finishing of high level, they miss only a cover for the bass speaker, it would be a plus. Do not trust the relatively low output, my 30 watt amp feeds them without any difficulty; in short, to date, only happiness! In my modest apartment room, I decoupled them with Superspike tips, it’s really a plus.

Bernard B.

Hello Mr. Chamagne,

I insist on the Mr. because I received the define at home this Monday, August 30 and I must say that I literally fell in love from the first listening.

I do not have the technical and audiophile terms to retransmit to you all that I feel with the listening of these Define but I take a real pleasure to the listening.

The small HEED Elixir without comes out very well and drives the Define as it should in my 25m square.

I close my eyes and I have the impression that the musical scene is in front of me, I catch myself turning around on certain recordings thinking that the sound comes from another room in the house.

I would like to thank you and will leave a comment in the near future.

While I’m at it, the white finish is really beautiful and the pictures on your site don’t give glory to this finish. The rendering in real life is really much better than on the pictures, but it is often the case for other things.

Thanks again and have a great day.

Jean-Philippe V.

Hello Mr. Chamagne,
I would like to inform you that I received my speakers this Thursday.
Thank you for the speed and quality of your shipment.

After reception, unpacking and connection I am delighted with my first listening on different types of music.
However, I find a big flaw in them.
They tend to push me to a higher volume.
Living in an apartment, this could cause me problems with my neighbors 🙂

Thank you for your creation.

These beautiful Alsatians are definitely adopted in the south. Sincerely.
Gilbert Barrère.

Gilbert B.

I received the Define, the transport went well, no bad surprises.
For the moment I run them with my SMSL AD18 and I am surprised that they work so well with this small amp.
I am looking forward to the delivery of my Boxem Arthur 3409/N2 which will go with my RME ADI 2 DAC to be able to exploit all their potential.
Thank you very much for the quality of your work.
Sincerely, Anthony

Anthony D.

Good evening Alexandre,
Thank you very much for your email.
The speakers are incredible, a real treat for the ears. In short, perfection!
Thank you and congratulations for designing this great product!
Nice evening to you

David L.

The latest speakers from Recital Audio are here! With the new Define speakers, your favorite songs take on a whole new dimension.A punchy bass, a perfectly balanced midrange (practical for film dialogues), and a high quality! No sound distortion or saturation thanks to the beautiful aluminum membranes.Handcrafted, impeccable finish for a price more than attractive in the HIFI.Do not wait any longer, it’s over there that it happens.

Franck L.

Hello Alexandre,

My new system is now plugged in and I thought I’d give you a little feedback…

The system is “simple”, consisting of a network player dac amp Atoll SDA 200 signature, Atlas cables hyper 2.0 and therefore the Define. The music is currently played on Deezer Hi-Fi in FLAC format.

The whole thing is freshly unpacked and it is likely that it will be like good wine: even better in some time?

So, I am quite bluffed by the overall coherence, the clean and clear low frequencies, even at the (very) low end of the spectrum (what a feat for an L-shaped volume and a diameter like this one!), the detailed, airy, precise but not aggressive nor cold high frequencies, and a well articulated, pleasant midrange.

Great set and great speakers so. I am rediscovering songs that are well imprinted in my memory, especially on the bass/percussion and vocal lines!

It’s the first time I buy speakers without listening to them first! But some people I know on hi-fi forums had not stopped praising your speakers…so I took the risk.

And also proud to buy French 😉

So bravo and thank you, I’ll advertise you!

Yours sincerely,


Franck B.